(Ston, 1958.) He graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADU) in Zagreb in 1987. He is a member of Croatian Society of Film Workers (HDFD) and Croatian Society of Freelance Artists (HZSU).

As a writer and a director, he made over 100 shows for Croatian Television. Among them, about 30 portraits of chamber music ensembles and soloists (Boris Papandopulo-Piano Sextet, Through the Millennium of Croatian Music, Zagreb Quartet, Cellomania, An Hour with Sretna, Violinist, Conversations about Music and Film), several documentaries about the field of classical and jazz music for children and youth (Music Monthly, Intermezzo, Jazz for Beginners), a series of documentaries on social issues (Five of the Same, Extremists, Aadopted and Adoptive), several documentary films about Croatian authors and their works (Black Olive, Shadows of Life). He has produced and directed several sports documentaries (The Master of the Ball, The Football Coach).

In 2006, he launched his own production company and publishing house Pozitiv Film, with the aim of producing documentaries and feature films (Filmmaker, Dražen, With all My Heart, Time Out, Leaf on the Water, Wolves of Tuškanac, Tamara, She Had a Dream, Nagrišpane traverese and Our Library) and publication of books about film art (Altman, Kieslowski Kubrick, Eastwood, Cassavetes, Godard).