Damir Cimperšak - Showreel

(Zagreb, 1970) He worked as an editor for HRT for seven years. He has edited around 40 documentaries, 500 music videos (Parni valjak, PC&VC, Let 3…). Since 2002, he worked as an AV production manager for Imago advertising agency. As a technical producer, he organized Red Bull FLUGTAG Dubrovnik 2002 (simultaneous live co-production from five cities in four countries). He has produced over 800 radio commercials, 400 low-budget television commercials, and 70 longer documentary features (he has produced, directed and edited most of them himself). He has been involved in almost all of Pozitiv Film’s projects since its establishment in 2007. In 2012, he founded a video production company “Panorama”.

In 2014 and 2015, he worked on video and sound postproduction for the “Šlep Šou” project (24 episodes). From this period he often quotes the words of his friend, journalist Šarac: “Cimpy is the King of Premiere, the Emperor of After, the Sheikh of Nuendo and the Ayatollah of Looks. Without him, our lives would be gray, and Šlep Šou probably even grayer. He can eat two Zagreb schnitzels with two portions of stewed potatoes (plus a salad and a beer) in less than 6 minutes. It doesn’t take him much longer to turn solid raw material into a superb show with his magic fingers.”