Sandi Novak - Showreel

(Zagreb, 1961) Graduated at the Cinematography Department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. During his youth, he became involved in art photography, and he exhibited his works in Croatia and abroad. Since 1989, he has been a member of Cinematography Section of HDFD, and since 1997 he has been a member of HZSU. He has worked for various departments of Croatian Radio-Television, from sports to drama, and has filmed more than 60 shows. He has also worked with ABC, CBS and ORF.

During “ANDE 95” expedition in South America in 1995, he made three documentaries. In 1999 he went on a speleological expedition to the USA, where he made four new documentaries. In 2001, in the UAE, he produced new documentaries. A selection of these film has been broadcast on HRT under the title “A Land of the Desert Falcon”. In 2005, he filmed a documentary in Cuba. He was a camera operator on Silvije Petranović’s feature film “Družba Isusova”.

He shot over 40 documentaries, about 200 music videos (Toni Cetinski, Nina Badrić, Daniela, Parni Valjak, E.T., Magazin, Psihomodo Pop, Novi Fosili, Masimo, Karan, Jinx, Divas), about a hundred commercials (T-Com, FINA, TDR, Citroen, Koestlin, Croatia Airlines, Podravka, Eurohertz, Zagrebačka banka, Valvoline, Jutarnji list, Tuborg Keune, Konzum, Frank), and a TV-drama “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye”.