Zlatko Neumann was born in 1900 in Pakrac, where he attended a primary school. From 1910 to 1918, he attended a grammar school in Zagreb. After graduating, he moved to Vienna. There he studied at the Technical University, Department of Building Construction. From 1920 to 1922, he attended an architectural seminar with Adolf Loos. He graduated in 1925. Starting in 1922, he worked in Loos’s studio in Vienna, first as a drawer and later as an associate in numerous projects.

After Adolf Loos moved to Paris in 1923, he made Neumann the head of his Vienna office. In 1925, Neumann served his military service in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In 1926, Loos invited Neumann to come to Paris, where he worked in his studio. During that period, he worked as an associate on projects for villas Tristiana Tzaro and Josephine Baker.

Zlatko Neumann participated in numerous public tenders and international architectural exhibitions (Salon d’automne in Paris in 1926, in London in 1929, and in Berlin at the “Sturm” exhibition in 1932.) At the Paris Salon d’automne, Neumann presented his preliminary design of the Pantheon in Belgrade. That was the first international presentation of Croatian modern architecture.