List na vodi

POZITIV FILM ZAGREB MOTOVUN CREATIVE GROUP present LIST NA VODI a film by IVO VRTARIĆ sound recordist MARIO KONOSIĆ music composed by DARKO HAJSEK film editor FILIP KARABELJ director of photography IVAN CVIRN produced by IVO VRTARIĆ directed by ANTE ROZIĆ

Vrtarić creates a performance: he takes a leaf, records it on a screen, prints it on ice, signs on ice, as if he were signing a graphic sheet. The performance is done at noon, when the sun is at its strongest, suggesting the contrast between the ice and the summer heat, which melts the ice more intensely. The work and artistic action are garnished with auditory spice: the whole Motovun is sounded with powerful and intense sound of crickets, which also suggests a homage to Dalmatia. The heat melts the ice. We can see a work in progress.

Enes Quien